Supporting AccountEdge Software
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About Dick Hope & Associates

Dick Hope is the driving force behind Dick Hope & Associates and the FreshInsight Consulting Group. Dick’s banking background complements over 20 years of experience owning and managing retail, service, manufacturing, and construction businesses. His “keep it simple and useful” approach provides 'fresh insight' into solving management challenges.

Dick’s 20-plus years of experience implementing computerized management information systems provides clients with a unique combination of both technical and software expertise.

Authorized Training Guides

In addition to AccountEdge consulting, Dick has written several training guides designed to assist new and seasoned users to recognize and implement the power of AccountEdge. With emphasis on Management Accounting, they include more than 100 tips and tricks developed while working with hundreds of successful businesses. Owning these guides is like having an experienced consultant at your finger tips.

Dick’s extensive knowledge of AccountEdge software allows him to develop solutions that even the programmers didn’t think possible. He provides continuous feedback to the technical providers at Acclivity in his search to deliver better solutions.

We hope that our services may help your business as well. For further information, or to book a consultation, please call toll free.